Membrane (Pool Liner)

Membrane (Pool Liner)

Whole Swimming Pool can be constructed in 2 – 4 weeks time. Swimming pools, also called armed membrane or belted liner, which consists of two layers of PVC joined together by a thermofusion process with a polyester mesh between both layers. This polyester mesh gives the whole dimensional stability and tear resistance, without altering the flexibility of PVC.

This set has a thickness of 1.5 mm. Membrane pools – its proven quality over time, can guarantee the tightness of the same for 10 years. Swimming Pool Membranes are resistance to Stains, Chloride, Resistance to development of Micro Organisms, UV Rays, Bacteria, Etc.Less maintenance as compared to a conventional pool.This pool system is independent of water proofing or tiling. Perfect Systems for existing Leaking Water Bodies, Swimming Pools.

Advantages of Membrane:

A 10-year Water Tightness Warranty on the material.